The 5 Best Violin Songs of All Time

The violin is able to add a unique touch to just about every genre of music. It has been featured in different masterpieces as well as on its own and it never fails to impress. But this time, we will focus on the most outstanding violin songs. Here are the top 5 violin songs.

5-To Love you More-Taro Hakase

The intro of Celine Dion’s “To Love you More” begins with an enchanting violin tune from Taro Hakase and he goes on to provide a continuous background tune that gives the song the unique appeal. It was originally recorded as the theme song for the Japanese drama “My dear Lover” (Kobito Yo). The song hit the top of the billboards in Japan and internationally.

4-November Rain – Guns and Roses

This is the longest Guns and Roses song and it features an orchestra with the violin making it the kind of rock song that would fit in just about any setting. November Rain was released in 1992 and it made it to number 3 on the American top 100. It has been the theme song for some movies including Spiderman 3.

3-Brahms Violin Concerto, D Major – Brahms Johannes

This song was originally composed in 1878 in Germany and it copies a lot from the composer’s idol Beethoven . since then it has been performed by a number of other violinist and it always impresses once it is performed by talented violinists.

2-Chaconne – Sebastian Barch

This is a solo piece composed towards the end of the 1710s and is said to be one of the most challenging pieces to master but when it all comes together after a lot of practice, it is arguably one of the best violin songs and some people may insist that it is, in fact, the best but we save the number one spot for a composition by the master.

1-Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major – Ludwig Beethoven

Beethoven has inspired a lot of violinists and it is only natural that his best production would be the number one violin song. A number of violinists have performed different variations of the song and it has been used in a number of movie productions. You just have to listen to it to appreciate it.