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05.05.16 | Mytia Crawley
Hey hun!

Hope all is well! I met you at the Capital Fringe festival. I know a few brothers that are looking for a studio, and I ws wondering if you had any referals.

02.08.16 | Cloude 9 Productions
How does one open up for you? I have a new artist whose voice is a cross between fantasia and Badu.

06.16.16 | Michele Washington
Hi Alison
I operated the first school your brother attended (Beginnings Early Learning Center Larchmont, NY) I hope you remember me. I have been following your career since Sandy told me how you were moving through the music industry. I will be in the DC area in July and wanted to know if you have any gigs in the area. It would be an honor to see you perform. You are doin' the damn thing, girl!!!

05.07.16 | Lucy Van
hi alison ! (:
I'm one of Ms, Shotke's student and I hope you win the contest !
I love your voice ! <3 beautiful .
I also love your songs , they're soo soothing haha
It would be really cool to meet you in person , I hope you can make us jeans too ! haha
I would soo wear them (: well keep doing your best , you'll always have support from me !

05.06.15 | CHANDRA YOUNG
Loving the music. Definitely feeling "You Said". You've worked with my best friend, TFOX. Where can I purchase an album?

05.06.15 | alex
its me alex again i like all your songs but my favorite is more than because your voice sounds so beautifle and i like the sound wen you read all my things i wrote to you text ms shotke so i can know and tommorrow ms shotke is gunna wright me a note so i can go to a differnt class and vote for you all day and i know your gunna win cuz i wont let u down ill help u as much as i can cuz im your number 1 ffffffffaaaaaaannnnnn

05.06.15 | Desiree
Hey Alison. How are u doing? Im doing very good. Im one of Miss. Shotke students. Miss. shotke is the best teacher ever. im very excited she knows yew. I would really like to meet u someday. MY name is Desiree and im a huge fan of u. Well i got to let u go now ok so bye. <3

05.06.14 | jairo palacios
I love your music and am in ms. Shotkes class i hope you win i voted you millions of time ama do the same when i get home xD

05.06.14 | helen
hey there Alison . how are you doing ? i am Ms. Shotke's student. i hope i will meet you sometime. i love your music. i am a big fan of you.

05.06.14 | alex
I think ur music sounds really good my teacher ms shotke was talking to me about you and she told me to check out your website and I heard ur music and it sounds so beautiful so I was the first student to vote for you. then ms shotke told me today that i can vote for you over and over i love ms shotke she is my best friend and teacher im looking foward to meeting you. Ill keep on voting for you till u win! from alexandra but people call me alex for short your number 1 fannnnnnnnn ! i hpe we get to meet eachother and be close friends

05.02.14 | Milton Williams
Your exceptional talent merits a place in my home so my ears can hear you and your band express your music. Looking forward to photographing you again in the very near future. Love your web site.
Milton Williams

04.30.10 | Letici Cruz
Per Heather's request...Heather being my friend...i just heard your stuff!! Girl!!!!! Your voice is amazing!!! I love your style!! Hope to eventually meet you, since Heather speaks so highly about you and loves you so much!!! She is great!! Love that girl, so when she asks me to checkout someone ...i have to oblige! I wish you the best of luck and gettin that site to vote you IN!.
peace, love, and respect, in music...~~~best regards, Leticia Cruz
ps...besides being Heather's friend, I'm also her stylist..:)

03.09.10 | Mahogany Woodland
Hey Allison,

How are you doing? I met you earlier tonight at the Catalyst networking event. I'm the author with the book "Freshmen Honeys" that just came out a couple of weeks ago. This song is pretty hot. Definitely keep me posted on when your album drops. And also I would definitely be interested in working together in the future. With possibly selling books at any of your upcoming shows. So just email me anytime.



03.01.10 | Hugo Moreno

02.25.10 | Vernon Hampton 2
Saw you at the Bohemian last night with Georgia Anne Muldrow. I recently relocated to Maryland and last night I was pleasantly introduced to one of the most celestial voices I have ever heard. It was more than a pleasure to hear a truly gifted singer, it was an honor that my admission could never fully cover. I used to think I knew what music was supposed to sound like, but you have redefined the way my soul understands a voice and a melody. I look forward to your next sessions with the greatest of anticipation and I pray your career is an extremely long and prosperous one, as I would enjoy seeing you and listening to your voice for a very long time. Stay strong and beautiful...


01.10.10 | Kay Robinson
I'm a big fan. People out here in Europe are buzzing and wanting to know what's next for you.

01.07.10 | Carla Thomas

My name is Carla Thomas, creator of The Fly Girl Guide ( My website is currently ranked as the 13th most read blog in the DMV area. It's a site for fly girls who are up on the latest trends on fashion, beauty, and music. I am currently working on a mixtape entitled, The Fly Girl Mixtape. It will feature female artists who are making moves in the industry and are bold, brave, fashionable, and fly. The mixtape will come out in March, for Women’s Month.

Allison Carney is definitely a fly girl and I would love for her to be apart of this mixtape. It will empower girls to become the best person that they can be and enforce dreams while listening to dope female artists. If interested please submit an mp3 by February 12, 2009.

I look forward to having Allison apart of The Fly Girl Mixtape.

Stay fly,


11.23.09 | Michael
Met you at Bohemian caverns and bought your CD outside, remember?...listening to it now. Sounds great!

11.18.09 | Sidney Glee
I love your music!! Do you have a cd that I can buy?

11.08.09 | dorothy smith
I recently saw you perform - am wondering how I can purchase a CD

11.06.09 | Shirley Thomas
Hi Alison,
I had the pleasure of hearing you sing and would like to know if you would be interested in performing @ Hogates on the Waterfront. My contact # 202-484-2229.
202.367.4775. Please give me a call so we can talk.


11.06.09 | Inquiry
What do you charge to sing at an event? I am looking for two to three songs only, March 2010.

11.01.09 | Rashonda Richardson
I saw you perform last night at the Scene in DC, and you were great! I'd like to purchase your CD, where can I find it?

10.27.09 | robert johnson
I want to let you know that I love what I hear from you. keep doin your thing.

10.02.09 | Shani
Hello, Alison! I heard "You Said" from the Ear Candy Chronicles and would like to feature you as a guest on my show. My online radio show interviews guest on Sundays 5:00 p.m. EST. You can call in for the interview. My show is I look forward to working with you to help you promote your cd.


09.06.09 | tia rucker
Beautiful voice and awesome stage pressence ;-)

08.27.09 | Chandrea 202 627-8298
I purchased a cd when you were at Teavolve in Baltimore,Md. and the CD will not play. I have tried it in everything and it will not play. I was told by Gypsy Soul that I had to contact you. I hope that this issue can be resolved soon. Thank you

08.17.09 | Kirk
Ali, you know it's been love since day one. I'm so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I keep trying to down load the link but the internet here in Europe sucks from time to time. Is there another way that I can get it and spread the your voice. I love your music. THAT GURL CAN SANG!!!!!

08.07.09 | william
"You Said" is such a beautiful song there has to be a way to get more radio airplay. I'm from Landover MD its a shame your music isnt popping out here yet. I will definitly keep in top 5 on my IPOD

07.20.09 | Charles
Hello Ms. Alison
I'm a amateur photographer and wondering if i could take a few photos while you perform @ the caverns?

07.16.09 | Yolanda Holland
I'm a fan! Keep me posted on performances and ways to support Ali!

07.01.09 | Niah
Alison has an amazing voice. I always look forward to listening to her live. I really hope she makes it big. Her voice should be heard maintstream as well as underground. just giving crazy respect for her talent bcus it's due. everyone is trying to make it but she is one that deserves it. shine!

06.16.09 | Rob Richardson
I'm here in DC, and would love to get a heads up when she'll be playing. I've been wanting to buy her music since Can a Sista Rock a Mic last year, so let me know when-where-how. That voice is a beautiful gift!

05.05.09 | yo bro
wuzzzz good . im showin all my friends ur shit. my boy said he'd upkeep your website

04.29.09 | Ed Krauze
You're the Best!

04.28.09 | Stacy Sherman
nice sound - are you in a band for hire?

04.25.09 | Aretha S. Frizzell
Sorry, because of another commitment, we missed you on
April 11th. Please know that we are so proud of you.
God bless,
The Frizzells

04.16.09 | B.J.

I want to thank you for doing the interview with me at the the 5th album
release party last week it was really appreciated. I will email you the
pictures that I took of you once I get back home. If its anything that I can
help you out with in advancing your career in my region let me know. Thank you again!

The Music Business Unscripted DVD
Coming Soon

04.15.09 | Alison A Carney
hey, just did a google search for myself and YOU are coming up all over. I will def listen for your sound/talents, so I can have some perspective of the gifts you have (I'm not musical by any stretch of the imagination). Anyway, just wanted to say hello from another Alison Carney. It's my married name . . . all the best to you. - ac

04.04.09 | Staci Lofton
Love proud of you!! Continue after your goals girl....get em.

03.30.09 | Jay Mills
shine star, grind hard!!!

03.29.09 | Crys
Great site, Ali. Much love and success to you!

03.27.09 | Shara Wells
Hi Alison I met you at the R&B live at Posh in DC a couple weeks ago. I was wondering how I can get a copy of your songs. You told me all of the one's you had were gone..I love your music . Excellent. Look forward to hearing from you.

03.26.09 | Becky Kalule
Hi Ali! It's Becky! Just droppin' you a line cuz I love you and wanted to let you know I was looking at your website!! Maybe when we come to the east coast (hoping to in the fall) we can meet up and you can my new little George!!! He wants to meet his famous Aunty Ali!!!!


03.22.09 | D'Orr
I can't wait to get to school each day... Just for you to pass my way... And bells start to ring, and angels start to sing "hey alison can sing... Put that on everything"

03.18.09 | B. Blunt
Sounds Great! Keep me posted!

03.17.09 | Kimiesha
If you ever need background vocals

03.17.09 | Takya Browning
Your sound is beautiful.....!!! I heard about you thru Ms Penn...!! Great work ladies... Ms Carney... much love, success and prayers....