Best Violin Songs and Tips for Wedding Performances

It’s the moment that you have been waiting for. Your are ready to walk down the aisle towards your future spouse. Friends and family are all waiting eagerly and then the beautiful moment arrives that signals the most precious, sacred and traditional part of your wedding-the first few notes of your wedding march.

Deciding on what songs will be right for your wedding can be challenging to say the least. From the procession to the last dance, you will want to be sure that the music you have chosen is absolutely perfect for you.

There are so many options out there that it can be bewildering deciding on wedding songs. Do you choose the traditional Here Comes The Bride or I Wanna Love You by Bob Marley? More people are making the decision to have a violin player on their special day due to their versatility and ability to bring about a certain magic.

There is something so incredibly romantic about the sounds of a violin playing one of your favourite songs on the most amazing day of your life. Whether you would prefer soft, gentle sounds of classical songs or more upbeat bluegrass, a violin is the perfect instrument for your special day.

Weddings have changed so much that we can now choose to be as modern or as traditional as we like. Finding a performer who will work with you to choose the songs that are exactly what you want is important. After all, you want the music to reflect the beauty and emotion of your day.

When you are deciding on what type of music you will have at your wedding. Do you want a musician to perform or would you prefer recorded music? If you would prefer a musician perform, you will need to think about where you are getting married-it may be a little difficult to get a baby grand piano down to the beach. You also need to choose when certain songs are played. Do you want to add an interlude to your ceremony or will music be played as your guests are leaving the ceremony?

Having a violin at your wedding is an ideal way to have live music no matter where you plan on getting wed.

After choosing a violinist that you work well together with you will need to decide on what songs you will have and when each one will be played. You need to be sure that the violinist is happy playing the style of music that you want and for the length of time that you will require them to be at your wedding.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is whether you want a soloist, a duo, trio and vocalist etc. No matter what your decision, the most important thing is that you agree on the songs that will be played and that the artist/s you have chosen are comfortable playing them.

Once all the hard work has been done and your day has finally arrived, there is only one thing left to do. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the magic which is one the most special days of your life.